I am a painter and went to Chelsea School of Art in London in the 80's. I have lived and worked in France with my family since 1998.
I qualified as an art therapist in 2017 and I work with a variety of different people, each one enriching my life.

About me

portrait of Sarah Paine I had a very protected childhood and I spent my time dreaming about being an artist. I was astonished and delighted to gain a place at Chelsea School of Art in London in 1985. I loved my time at Art School, shut away and free to pursue all my artistic dreams but I learnt nothing about the real world and how to earn a living. At the time I imagined a different sort of professional life from the one I have had. Despite the lack of fame and fortune I don't regret the choices I made.

poster for the exhibition 'A Search for the Divine' in London, 1989 I am conscious of the arrogance and insecurities of my youth, I can see that most of my disappointments and rejections were more or less of my own making, my own naivety. I can see with hindsight that it is possible and fulfilling to live differently than how I had imagined.

I married very quickly and together with my husband have been able to live many adventures including move to France and being part of the body of Christ, the church. I have spent my time bring up our children, participating in church life, renovating houses, developing our land as well as my artistic projects. My life has been very rich.

Life has calmed down recently as children have more or less left home. I was able to take up studying again and obtained a diploma in art therapy here in France; I work part-time as an art therapist with adults and children in difficulties. During the school holidays I often work in a children holiday centre in my village. I find both these activities wonderfully enriching and fulfil my need to be around people. I try to paint the rest of the time. I have a very satisfying balance in my work life.

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