As an art therapist, I use the powers of art with my patients, so that they can achieve the therapeutic goals set by medical or institutional instructions.

Art therapy

drawing of a character in a snowy landscape, made by a child during an art therapy session Art therapists are members of a paramedical team.

They exploit the power and the effects of art with the aim of restoring and maintaining a person's expression and relationships, and relieving existential penalties.

Art therapy draws on the artistic potential through therapeutic and humanitarian means.

sculpture made in art therapy : head of a character, made of a painted and accessorized pan Art therapists conceive and adapt artistic activities to suit people who are penalised or recovering, taking into consideration their physical, psychological and/or social needs. The proposed artistic activities aim to improve their well being, helps towards their autonomy and their social integration.

All artistic techniques can be used by art therapists. They can specialize in more than one area.

sculpture made in art therapy : animals of wood and metal The official working conditions of any paramedical professional, protocols, strategies and evaluations are respected by art therapists.

Practical information

Individual session

50 €/hour. Material included.
For interventions further than 40 km away from Saint-Sauvant, travel costs will be extra.

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"I notice as well that there is evolution, progress and discovery, only if there is interest, in a climate and atmosphere of humour and love."

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