My paintings are glimpses of my personal journey. Some will correspond with your journey, others will speak to you differently.

My paintings

For 35 years I have been searching to know God better through my life and work. I believe God is the Creator of the Universe and my work celebrates and explores this fact.
I am always seeking my purpose in the rich, disturbing, unsettling biodiversity of life. Creation speaks to me of its Creator and the act of creating speaks to me of God's nature. I seek to deepen my relationship with him on a daily basis and painting facilitates the on-going discovery.

Colour, pattern and story are the aspects of painting that have always interested me. I live in the french countryside, in a vast, flat landscape which enables me to see and be inspired by the changing colours and patterns of nature. I find deep satisfaction in repeated patterns and feed my imagination looking at trees, plants and earth. I am blessed by the countryside around me but I am conscious of the insatiable, abusive demands humanity makes on it.

Hope and suffering, life and death, are often themes woven into my work. I often come back to the idea of the smallest thing in a vast universal plan. I am reassured that each thing has its place in the Creator's plan. Everything has its unique beauty and is created to be interdependent on everything/something else. Nothing is perfect alone. Everything needs to be in relationship with the other, appreciated, useful in their existence. Beauty is a useful. Biodiversity is a place of cooperation, of coexistence where there is a place for everything/everyone.

The source of a large part of my inspiration is also the Bible. In my eyes this book is a story of a people and their relationship with the Creator. It follows their failures and successes, and tells of God's patient love and generosity. It tells of a perfect God who offers a solution. I consider my own story to be a continuation of the same story. A process of continual reconciliation and restoration between people and God, between people and people, between the creation and humanity, between creation and God. Jesus is the solution.

My paintings are glimpses of my personal journey. Some will correspond with your journey, others will speak to you differently or not at all.

If you are interested in a painting of a different size, colour or design than those presented on my site, but obviously that remains within the remit of my style, it is possible.
You can just contact me by mail to discuss possibilities.

Paintings on sale

'2 Formes d'agriculture', painting of a colourful cultivated landscape
2 Formes d'agriculture

50 x 50 cm - 350 € TTC

'As numerous as stars', painting of a green sky, with colourful celestial bodies
As Numerous as stars

40 x 40 cm - 250 € TTC

'Cloud', blue painting, crossed by a white symbol-filled cloud

100 x 100 cm - 900 € TTC

'Dead Tree', painting showing a tree buried under a red hill
Dead Tree

100 x 100 cm - 900 € TTC

'Fruits', depicting fruits scattered in a celtic knot circle

100 x 100 cm - 900 € TTC

'Les Lumières 2', painting of a myriad of colourful lights on a black background
Les Lumières 2

100 x 100 cm - 900 € TTC

'New Life', painting of a plant spiral on a green background
New Life

60 x 60 cm - 600 € TTC

'Pink Fire 1', painting ran through by pink and red curls
Pink Fire 1

40 x 40 cm - 250 € TTC

'Prayer for Israel and Palestine', painting showing an earthy-coloured ground, with plants pouring like rain from a green sky
Prayer for Israel and Palestine

40 x 40 cm - 300 € TTC

'Prière 1', depicting an orange mountain, on a twilight sky
Prière 1

50 x 50 cm - 350 € TTC

'Prière 2', depicting a pale green mountain, on a sky studded with multicoloured dots
Prière 2

50 x 50 cm - 350 € TTC

'Prière 3', depicting a mountain streaked of blue and turquoise, on a moonlit sky
Prière 3

30 x 30 cm - 200 € TTC

'Prière 4', depicting a mountain streaked of green, on a misty night sky
Prière 4

70 x 70 cm - 650 € TTC

'Transition', painting of a soil filled with sprouts and symbols, under a night sky

70 x 50 cm - 550 € TTC

'Transition 2', painting divided into 4 squares, each evoking a kind of plant transition
Transition 2

40 x 40 cm - 250 € TTC

'L'Univers', black painting scattered with colourful celestial bodies

30 x 30 cm - 150 € TTC

'Yellow Sun', painting of a yellow sun rising behind a hill, on a pinkish sky
Yellow Sun

50 x 50 cm - 350 € TTC

Paintings sold since 2018

'3 Trees', painting of three birches on a winter sky
3 Trees
'Big Pale Green Spiral', painting of a spiral on a pale green background
Big Pale Green Spiral
'The Garden', painting of a green garden under a red sun
The Garden
'Graine', painting showing the cut-away view of a seed in the soil
'Le Jardin 2', painting of a blue hill full of trees
Le Jardin 2
'Karine's Blessings', painting ran through by thorned stems
Karine's Blessings
'Les Lumières', painting of symbolic lights on a blue background
Les Lumières
'Pareil mais différent', blue painting crossed by a variety of coloured sprouts
Pareil mais différent
'Pink Fire 2', showing pink and red curls elevating vertically
Pink Fire 2
'Pink Sky (2 Types of Agriculture)', painting of a cultivated landscape in pinkish tones
Pink Sky (2 Types of Agriculture)
'Planted 1', painting of a ochre soil, in which symbols, words and emotions germinate, under a red sun
Planted 1
'Planted 2', painting of a purplish soil, in which symbols, words and emotions germinate, in the sunset
Planted 2
'Planted 3', painting of a purple sphere, in which symbols, words and emotions germinate
Planted 3
'Planted 4', painting of a river in turquoise tones, carrying along plantlike symbols
Planted 4
'Planted 5', painting of a river in blue tones
Planted 5
'Planted 6', painting of a river in blue and red tones
Planted 6
'Planted 7', painting of a river in white and blue tones
Planted 7
'Planted 8', painting of a river in turquoise and yellow tones
Planted 8
'Planté dans l'abondance de l'Esprit', painting of a river in blue and purple tones, carrying along plantlike symbols
Planté dans l'abondance de l'Esprit
'Prayer for Iraq', painting in flesh and ochre tones, filled with spiky spheres and crossed by a black stem
Prayer for Iraq
'Red Mountains with Trees', painting of a red mountain filled with trees, under a purple sky
Red Mountains with Trees
'River', painting of a green river carrying along symbols, words and plants
'Small Tree in Green Moonlit Landscape', depicting houses and a tree under the moonlight
Small Tree in Green Moonlit Landscape
'Spiral with Moons', painting of a blue and red landscape, lit by several moons
Spiral with Moons
'Trees', painting of a black hill on a turquoise sky
'Trois arbres', painting of three birches on a reddish ground
Trois arbres
'Turquoise Spiral', depicting a spiral on a turquoise background
Turquoise Spiral
'L'Univers 2', black painting with a few celestial bodies covered in plants
L'Univers 2

Selection of paintings from previous years

'Day Five', painting of trees and a bird, in the sunset
Day Five
'Day Seven', painting of a hill filled with a variety of symbols
Day Seven
'Day Two', depicting vegetation on a pink sky
Day Two
painting from the exhibition 'Dialogue with my Maker', depicting a young sprout in a soil filled with text, in the sunrise
Exhibition, London: Dialogue with my Maker
'Neige', painting of a white sky filled with snowflakes and symbols
'Neige 2', painting of a snowy landscape under a red sun
Neige 2
painting from the exhibition 'A Search for the Divine', depicting a tree in front of a church
Exhibition, London, 1989: A Search for the Divine
'La Source', depicting snowflakes and a crown of thorns floating in a purple sky
La Source
'Spirale bleue sur rose', painting of a blue spiral covered in text, on a pink background
Spirale bleue sur rose
'Spirale bleue sur rouge', painting of a blue spiral covered in text, on a red background
Spirale bleue sur rouge
'Spirale rouge sur bleu', depicting red ribbon and text spiraling on a blue background
Spirale rouge sur bleu
'Winter', painting divided in 9 squares, each depicting a scene, close-up or text evoking the winter
painting from an exhibition in 2004, depicting a pathway on a red background
Exhibition, Paris, 2004

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